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XMail Forum > XMail Server > Migration 32bit To 64bit Debian: Login Fails

Posted by: guru meditation Jan 3 2014, 10:52 PM
Upgraded the live server from 32bit to 64bit Debian "Wheezy", recompiled the XMail server (64bit) on my dev box, tested it there OK, uploaded it on the Live server, and... login via SMTP or POP3 fails (regardless of plain or SSL).

Added some strcrypt/strdecrypt, base64 encode/decode, and md5 hash tests to XMCrypt, all results are what is expected. Out does not change regardless if it's old 32bit or new 64bit code.

I even compiled XMail today on the live server, still the same issues: users cannot send or retrieve their mails due to "auth error".

Since I cannot debug XMail on the live server, does anyone know what is going on here?

In short:
dev box: wheezy 64bit, XMail 64bit runs fine
live box: wheezy 64bit, XMail 64bit complains "AUTH ERROR", old 32bit bin runs fine.

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