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XMail Forum > XMail Server > Problem ! Xmail Checks Maildir Size On Every Rcpt

Posted by: akbsol Oct 18 2015, 06:28 PM

There seems to be a problem in the way XMail checks for quotas on every RCPT command. I have a large Maildir with around 500000 emails and I noticed that every time XMail receives a email, the CPU spikes to 100% for few seconds before responding to the RCPT. On debugging I found that it actually calculates directory size for every RCPT command.

And there is just no way to bypass this. I tried removing MaxMBSize from, setting it to 0, setting it to empty "" but nada. I checked the source and it seems UPopGetMailboxSize() is called before "MaxMBSize" value is evaluated.

In order to tackle this I am at present using a dummy front account which has "redirect" in its to redirect mails to the actual large email account. This way the directory size of only dummy account is calculated by XMail which is almost instant and doesn't cause any CPU spike.

Shouldn't this behavior be rectified?


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