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Posted by: hschneider May 9 2007, 11:45 AM
I picked this one from the mailing list. Just FYI:


Ok, since 2.0 needs it (SSL support) for IMAP, I decided to add this one
to both the 1.x series and the 2.x series (I already hear ppl saying "yeah
slacker, what about that one?!"). The main reason to add it to 1.x is
because it makes current development easier. At the moment I have to apply
changes (bug fixes, etc...) to both trees, and the bigger are the
differences the more are the patch rejects. And I don't like rejects.
I'll likely add a similar extension to the CTRL protocol, since once the
infrastructure is in place, it'll be a matter of adding a few lines in
Just like Forrest Gump, right that I'm there, SMTPS and POP3S should flow
in pretty easily (listen to different port, immediately switch to SLL and
let the normal code handle it).
This will make XMail dependent on the OpenSSL package. This is no problem
in all Unix-based ports, and I will supply the pre-built DLLs for Windows.
But dang, OpenSSL libraries are 3 times the size of the XMail binary :|

- Davide

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