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Posted by: hschneider Jan 4 2008, 08:12 AM

Added the ability to select SmtpConfig-IP options by local port too (SmtpConfig-IP,PORT).

Added a new -YT command line option to set the timeout used by a POP3 client connection.

Fixed a bug in the RFC822 ATEXT token definition.

If the recipient domain does not have an MX record, and does not have an A record, now XMail bounces immediately.

Fixed OpenSSL connection shutdown to avoid RST packet generation.

Changed SMTP AUTH LOGIN authentication to support the optional inline parameter.

Added IPV6 support. New command line options are available to select XMail's behaviour with respect to IPV4/IPV6 compatibility.

Fixed/strengthened RFC address parsing.

Drop the SMTP connection is case of timeout.

Fixed a bug caused by the new strict host/doman name check added in 1.24 (in the SMTPGW.TAB parsing).

Completely changed the DNS resolution code.

Do not try the A-record delivery in case of temporary DNS/network errors.

Added remote MTA message ID to SMAIL logging.

Added a new ``POP3S'' option to the POP3LINKS.TAB file, to allow connections to full POP3S remote servers.

Fixed a bug in the SMTP Outbind feature.

Changed POP3 log format to add information about the success or failure of the operation, and to report the number of messages and the total size of the mailbox (in case of successful login).

Added a new ``Pop3LogPasswd'' SERVER.TAB variable to control if POP3 passwords are logged into the POP3 log file.

Added a new ``SmtpNoTLSAuths'' SERVER.TAB variable. It allows to specify which SMTP authentications are allowed in non-TLS mode.

Fixed a small memory leak affecting users using the ``OutBind'' feature.

Removed the ``SMTP-TLS'' SERVER.TAB variable and replaced with ``SmtpGwConfig'' that supports the format described in ``SMTP GATEWAY CONFIGURATION''. The ``SmtpGwConfig'' allows the user to specify global options for remote SMTP connections.

Added $(RRCPT) macro to SMTP filters.

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