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Posted by: hschneider Sep 7 2008, 08:11 PM

1.26-pre04 is the same of 1.26-pre03, with a bug cirrected (affecting Unix
version). Because of that bug, message files were sent (via POP3) with CR
line termination instead of CRLF. I did not notice that because my mail
client doesn't really care and was handling such messages just fine. I got
a report though, that The Bat MUA does not actually like that. So here we


- Changed the line termination used to store messages into the mailboxes
of Unix versions of XMail. Now messages are stored with the OS native LF
termination, instead of the RFC CRLF that was used before.
This allows other Unix softwares working together with XMail to not be
confused by the extra CR present in the line termination.

- The "smtprelay" behaviour with respect to 5xx responses from one of the
servers in the relay list, has been changed. Now a 5xx response will
stop the processing, instead of iterating on the remaining servers of
the list.

- Avoid to crawl all the USER.TAB file during a "userlist" CTRL command.

- Fixed a bug that allowed non-RFC characters inside domain names.

- Fixed OSX Leopard build error.

- Added "timeo" option to flags execution.

- Added "NoAuth", "EnableVRFY" and "EnableETRN" settings inside IP properties.

The biggest change is the first. Since when XMail started delivering to
Maildir (long time ago), people started using XMail together with other
softwares that can get confused by the extra CR. How can this happen is
beyond my grasp, since handling both cases requires like one line of extra
code. But anyway.
One of the reasons why I chose to save the mailbox file in CRLF form, was
due to the fact that the message could have been delivered with fast OS
primitives, if already in CRLF (and hence RFC) form. This avoided creating
extra copies of the message file during the SMAIL processing.
In order to shove an extra file copy during the processing, I changed the
way temporary file are created when it comes to SMAIL local delivery.
Before such files were created inside the system temporary directory (/tmp
or %TEMP%), and then a copy+delete was done to move the message inside the
mailbox. The copy+delete was needed, insated of a standard OS move/rename,
because the mailbox mount/drive coulad have been located in another
mount/drive WRT the temporary directory.
Now things are changed and XMail will use a "tmp" directory inside
What does it change for you? If you don't mount domain subdirectories to
other mount/drives (like 99% of XMail users), nothing. Xmail will
automatically create the "tmp" subdirectory and the switch to the new
version will be transparent.
If you happen to mount domain subdirectories onto other mount/drives WRT
MAIL_ROOT, you simply have to remember to create a ".tmp" directory at the
root of the directory mount/drive.

- Davide

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