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XMail Forum > Announcements > Xmail 1.26-pre06 Released !

Posted by: hschneider May 18 2009, 06:24 AM

There are a few bugfixes and optimizations, see the changelog for details:

Also, if you're using 1.25, you should be seriously considering the
update, since 1.25 contains a pretty old OpenSSL library.

- Davide

Posted by: hschneider May 18 2009, 06:25 AM

  May 16, 2009 v 1.26

    *  Fixed a bug where STARTTLS was resetting the session too much, by
        canceling certain flags/options read inside the SERVER.TAB.

    *  Fixed a bug that happened if a message filter mistakenly remove the
        message file from under XMail control.

    *  Changed the line termination used to store messages into the
        mailboxes of Unix versions of XMail. Now messages are stored with
        the OS native LF termination, instead of the RFC CRLF that was used
        before. This allows other Unix softwares working together with XMail
        to not be confused by the extra CR present in the line termination.

    *  The "smtprelay" behaviour with respect to 5xx responses from one of
        the servers in the relay list, has been changed. Now a 5xx response
        will stop the processing, instead of iterating on the remaining
        servers of the list.

    *  Avoid to crawl all the USER.TAB file during a "userlist" CTRL

    *  Fixed a bug that allowed non-RFC characters inside domain names.

    *  Fixed OSX Leopard build error.

    *  Added "timeo" option to flags execution.

    *  Added "NoAuth", "EnableVRFY" and "EnableETRN" settings inside IP

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