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XMail Forum > Announcements > Xmail 1.27-pre14 Released !

Posted by: hschneider Feb 4 2010, 01:08 PM

Here are the links:

The ChangeLog is inside the archives, as usual.
There was still a place where XMail was truncating looooong line, and
that's fixed too.

- Davide

Posted by: hschneider Feb 4 2010, 01:19 PM


Fixed SMTP explicit routing address parsing.
Fixed a bug that made XMail incorrectly handle extremely long header line lengths.
Faster shutdown time on Unix systems.
Tweaked DNS resolution to cope with lame name servers.
Support for greater than 2GB sizes in POP3 server and PSYNC.
Safer temporary file name generation.
Made the temporary directory on Unix, configurable via the "XMAIL_TEMP" environment variable.
Fixed a bug that was caused by the SSL code triggering the XMail binding locking code
after XMail has already cleanup.
Fixed a bug in the SMTP external authentication.
Fixed Unix syslog logging facility to consider different logging levels.
Changed SMTP HELP response code to 214.

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