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Posted by: ciuly Jul 9 2017, 09:08 AM
(almost a year since the last post. I hope this forum isn't dead)

I posted this on SU a good while ago but no solution yet (

I'll start with saying: I'm not sure what exactly I need. I googled for "sendmail LAN" and variants, and it seems I need a "null client" setup. So that is my assumption, not my requirement (hence the not so clear title)

Shortly: I have 1 centos (v6) server running XMail server (latest), which hosts email for a few domains, incoming and outgoing. I have a PC in the LAN that is able to SMTP and POP for the accounts hosted on it. The server itself is able to send email both local (like from cron jobs) and domain users.

Let's call this "server".

Now I have a need to configure an existing CentOS server (v5) to send its local (cronjob) emails (scripts are using sendmail) and also php scripts to be able to send out emails (but those usually configure the smtp user/pass, so that should be good; I haven't gotten that far yet)

Let's call this "client".

On "client" I configured a null client sendmail thing based on this:

There are only those 4 lines in the, with the domain changed to mine (let's use


There is a line in /etc/hosts mapping to the LAN IP of "server". (Ping responds properly). Also, telnet on port 25 is connecting and responding properly.

I then issued

#sendmail -v < /tmp/email.txt

where the result is Connecting to [] via relay... Deferred: Connection refused by []

May be a dumb question, but why is it trying to connect to localhost instead of on the LAN? Is it not a null client configuration that I need? Or am I missing some stuff not covered by the tutorials?

More importantly, how to set this up so that it's running as I need it for all cron jobs and scripts that use sendmail.

Thank you.

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