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> Monitoring Remote Server From Home ?, Using DSL connection with dynamic IPs..
Posted: Feb 1 2008, 08:49 PM
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I have installed the agent correctly, edited the config file, entered IP address of my ADSL connection at home into the TRUSTED_CLIENTS field and it works. But the problem is that I have a internet connection which assigns me a new IP every time I connect. And I find it uncomfortable to enter the new IP, save the config file and restart the XQMagent on my remote linux server every time I want to use the windows version of XQM on my home PC? Isn't there a workaround to this?


# Set this to 1 , if you manage your host over the internet
# by using an dynamic IP address or a dynamic name service.
# If set to 1, port 80 has to be accessible from the agent's
# machine.

What is the purpose of this setting and what has port 80 to do with it?

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Posted: Jun 13 2008, 08:12 AM
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Sorry for this unusual late reply!

Managing a server on a dynamic IP requires some DynIP client running on your server, which updates the server's name against its IP.

The Agent uses port 80 to determine IP changes. In detail it connects to an external site and reads its current IP from the connected socket. This works platform independent.


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