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> [ ] style IP addresses not working?
Posted: Jul 14 2004, 08:16 AM
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A friend of mine is using xmail, I'm trying to help them... their mail server is not accepting incoming username@[111.222.333.444] style addresses (where thats their IP). These are RFC822 compliant, and are used in some odd places...

I ran into this when they had problems with AOL rejecting their mail, and when I ran AOL's relay and complaint checks, they were going to send the response to root@[] ... which bounces with a 'dsn=5.1.1 stat=user unknown' on the senders side, and a .... "RCPT=ERELAY" "" "0" "" on xmail's side.

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Posted: Jul 14 2004, 08:26 AM
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This will help you:


... it's already implemented in 2.0. Currently XMail support receiving
messages to local IP domains like "x.y.z.w" or "[x.y.z.w]" by creating
alias domains for those IPs. And this will remain the same. Also, sending
to a remote IP "x.y.z.w" is working. What is not working in 1.x that will
work in 2.x is ending to a remote IP using the "[x.y.z.w]" syntax.

- Davide


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