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> Domain aliases, custom domain and user aliases?, What are they for ?
Posted: Jul 8 2005, 03:53 AM
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Hi can anyone tell me what is domain aliases, custom domain and user aliases and when we need to use it.

I have no idea what is it.

Thanks for any reply

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Posted: Jul 8 2005, 07:59 AM
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An alias is some name for another name.

If you want e.g. all mails to being received by, create an alias info->joe.
This allows also the creation of so called Catchall accounts. This means no matter which username is on the left side of the @, all mail will be directed to 1 user. This is done by defining *-> joe in

The same can be done to domain names, e.g.>

Custom domain processing is explained well in the manual:



    If a message that has as target domain of '' arrives
    at the XMail server, 'AND' XMail does not have a real domain
    '' inside its domain list, XMail decides if this
    domain gets a custom domain processing by trying to lookup:

    inside the 'custdomains' directory.

    If one of these files is found the incoming mail gets custom domain
    processing by executing commands that are stored in such a file.


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