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> Mail server host name in greeting
Posted: Jul 13 2006, 02:57 PM
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Hi everyone,

I had difficult to send emails to some email servers. They are just rejects my emails. I find out that, the greeting does not meet RFC requirement. Xmail server send <> should be I tough the miss configuration is on my side but after I checked the autors site domain with tools it see to me that is the xmailserver core sending wrong greeting.

Did someone resolve that issue?


Running XMail Servers 1.21 on Windows 2000
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Posted: Jul 13 2006, 04:40 PM
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No - I'm not an answering script ...
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Pls forward this to Davide at In fac it is _recommended_ by the RFC, that mean it is not a must. But some weird servers out there seem to confuse that ... A switch which modifes that would be nice ...


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Posted: Aug 22 2006, 01:22 AM
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If somebody is concerned about this warning (read below for explanation):
- on windows you can try this recompiled binary (xmail 1.22), just replace it & restart.
- on *nix try this patch (*nix, xmail 1.22 only);
patch it in the src folder:
patch -p1 <greeting.patch.src

then rebuild xmail.

What it does is just change what xmail prints out for the greeting message set by the "SmtpServerDomain" value in This is the SMTPSvr.cpp diff file
--- SMTPSvr.cpp.old Mon Aug 21 22:13:08 2006
+++ SMTPSvr.cpp Mon Aug 21 22:12:26 2006
@@ -1032,7 +1032,7 @@
  MscGetTimeStr(szTime, sizeof(szTime) - 1);

  if (BSckVSendString(hBSock, SMTPS.pSMTPCfg->iTimeout,
-       "220 %s %s service ready; %s", SMTPS.szTimeStamp,
+       "220 %s %s service ready; %s", SMTPS.szSvrDomain,
        SMTP_SERVER_NAME, szTime) < 0) {

It works for me, but test, test, test it before production ... use at your own risk...
As Harald said it's just an RFC recommendation, so don't bother if you don't have a *real problem* or just want to get rid of that dnsreport warning *at any cost*.

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