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> Filter Return Codes, Read this if you want to start scripting
Posted: Aug 16 2006, 08:25 AM
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Here is a summary of the currently available filter return codes. This should throw more light on the filter section in the manual:

0 = Let the message pass the filter unmodified
4 = Reject and do not freeze
5 = Reject and freeze
6 = Reject and freeze with sender notification
7 = Deliver the modified file

Additional Filter Flags:
16 = Stop all other filters after this one.

It only makes sense to add 16 to other return codes in order to signal that other filters should be stopped after this one has finished. That's why additive codes are called "Filter Flags" in the manual. Currently there is only one such flag defined.

Keep in mind that code 0 or 7 submit the file to the next filter if not stopped by setting the stop flag (+16).


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