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> XMail Server 1.23-pre04 available !, The story continues ...
Posted: Nov 1 2006, 07:20 AM
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Here is 1.23-pre04:

This is the changelog:

- Added strictier SMTP address validation.

- Check the mailbox size for every message coming into the mailbox (before
  it was only done during the SMTP phase).
- Do not try to send to the 'A' record if the recipient domain does not
  exist at all (NXDOMAIN). Bounce immediately instead, avoiding lengthy
  retry policies.

- Added the "wlex" flag to filter lines (works for the SMTP ones only), to
  exclude execution of the filter line in case the client IP is
  white-listed inside the ipprop file.
- Added the post-RCPT SMTP filter, that is called before XMail acks the
  client recipient. A new "RCPT=EFILTER" long entry is emitted in case a
  recipient is rejected by a filter.
- Added @@CRCPT (current recipient) and @@FROM (sender email address)
  macros to SMTP filter substitution.
- Allow cmdaliases to work on aliased domains. Before a cmdalias defined
  on an alias-target domain was not working before the cmdalias check was
  done before the alias domain resolution.
- Added the ability to bypass the SMTP.IPMAP.TAB inclusion using SMTP
- Added a new SERVER.TAB variable "SMTP-IpMapDropCode" to control the drop
  code to be used for IPs listed inside the SMTP.IPMAP.TAB. Like other
  codes inside XMail, 1 means drop now, 0 means allow if auth, and -N
  means add N seconds delay. An immediate drop will emit a "SNDRIP=EIPBAN"
  log entry.
- Added a new SERVER.TAB variable "SmtpMsgIPBan" to control the SMTP
  message returned in case of SMTP.IPMAP.TAB inclusion.
- Added log message when the maximum number of SMTP/POP3/CTRL threads is
- Fixed documentation about the spool info line and the SMTP filters info
- Fixed a build problem on OpenBSD related to the lack of c_r (reentrant C
  library) library.
- Fixed greetings message to be RFC2821 compliant (server host must be
- Fixed a NAME_MAX build error ond *BSD and Solaris.
- Added a "Pop3ScanCur" USER.TAB variable to control the scan of the
  Maildir's "cur" directory during POP3 message list build. Now XMail only
  scans the "new" directory as default.

Test reports are welcome ...

- Davide


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