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> XMail 1.23-PRE16 Available
Posted: Nov 20 2006, 03:40 AM
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Now the LOCALADDR and REMOTEADDR always return [IP]:PORT format. Also supported is filter flags in the format aex={0, 1} or wlex={0, 1}. The olf format (with no explicit assignment is still valid and imply =1). Also, the MSGREF is now defined for SMTP filters too (MSGID can't because it is not known at SMTP filter time).


- Changed the filter log to include the full exec string (separated by

- Fix CTRL "poplnkadd" and "poplnkdel" to accept local domains strings
  starting with special characters.

- Added (finally!) a command line makefile ( to build the
  whole XMail package without the usage of the MS VC++ IDE.

- Reject a CTRL "domainadd" command if an alias domain already exists with
  the same name.

- Changed the CTRL "usergetmproc" command to allow the caller to specify
  if it is the user or the domain one that is wanted. Or a merges of both,
  if "DU" is specified in the optional 3th parameter.

- Changed the CTRL "usersetmproc" command to allow the caller to specify
  if it is the user ('U') or the domain ('D') one that is wanted to be

- Added complex/multiple macro substitution capabilities to external
  programs argoument lists.

- Added strictier SMTP address validation.

- Check the mailbox size for every message coming into the mailbox (before
  it was only done during the SMTP phase).
- Do not try to send to the 'A' record if the recipient domain does not
  exist at all (NXDOMAIN). Bounce immediately instead, avoiding lengthy
  retry policies.

- Added the "wlex" flag to filter lines (works for the SMTP ones only), to
  exclude execution of the filter line in case the client IP is
  white-listed inside the ipprop file.
- Added the post-RCPT SMTP filter, that is called before XMail acks the
  client recipient. A new "RCPT=EFILTER" long entry is emitted in case a
  recipient is rejected by a filter.
- Added @@CRCPT (current recipient) and @@FROM (sender email address)
  macros to SMTP filter substitution.
- Allow cmdaliases to work on aliased domains. Before a cmdalias defined
  on an alias-target domain was not working before the cmdalias check was
  done before the alias domain resolution.
- Added the ability to bypass the SMTP.IPMAP.TAB inclusion using SMTP
- Added a new SERVER.TAB variable "SMTP-IpMapDropCode" to control the drop
  code to be used for IPs listed inside the SMTP.IPMAP.TAB. Like other
  codes inside XMail, 1 means drop now, 0 means allow if auth, and -N
  means add N seconds delay. An immediate drop will emit a "SNDRIP=EIPBAN"
  log entry.
- Added a new SERVER.TAB variable "SmtpMsgIPBan" to control the SMTP
  message returned in case of SMTP.IPMAP.TAB inclusion.
- Added log message when the maximum number of SMTP/POP3/CTRL threads is
- Fixed documentation about the spool info line and the SMTP filters info
- Fixed a build problem on OpenBSD related to the lack of c_r (reentrant C
  library) library.
- Fixed greetings message to be RFC2821 compliant (server host must be
- Fixed a NAME_MAX build error ond *BSD and Solaris.
- Added a "Pop3ScanCur" USER.TAB variable to control the scan of the
  Maildir's "cur" directory during POP3 message list build. Now XMail only
  scans the "new" directory as default.

Test reports are, as usual, welcome ...

- Davide
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