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> A Simple Ctrlclnt Command?, How can I test a new instalation?
Posted: Nov 26 2009, 11:41 AM
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Hi all,

If I issue ./CtrlClnt -s server.dom.ain -u user -p password ... (where ... is the adduser command from the readme file example), I get a -152 error.
Digging with strace -o I see that CtrlClnt is trying to connect to a server at the address server.dom.ain as (correctly - but not relevant to this test environment) resolved by my DNS service.

So, I replace -s server.dom.ain with -s localhost or -s w.x.y.z. Now I get "error -138 = Controller response error = unable to open file".

Question one: is the -s switch the address at which the xmail server is living, as viewed from the CtrlClnt point of view? All (precious little) examples that I have found have shown domain names.

Question two: Is there a "simple" CtrlClnt command that I can use to confirm communication? One that only displays settings?

Question three: Is there a list of error codes anywhere? What does -138 mean?

Regards, Martin
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Posted: Feb 9 2010, 06:18 AM
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I spose this is on Linux OS?

On windows the easiest is to install xmail admin and the Que Manager.

Then you can see if xmail is running with QueManager ,and with Xmail Admin 0.26 you can add/remove domains and users.

Just my 5 Cents worth..




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