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> Lf, Carriage Return (CR) / Line-Feed (LF)
Posted: Sep 24 2010, 03:16 AM
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When I upgraded to the latest version (v1.27, 2010.08.08), I edited some of the .tab files. When I edited the files, my editor, SciTE.exe (on Windows XP SP2), changed some of the line-feeds (I probably told it to, as I do that to every file I edit these days, from CRLF to LF).

It caused xmail.exe to not restart. I originally assumed that xmail.exe automatically adjusted itself when it read the .tab files, but I should not have done that.

So as a suggestion, I want to suggest putting a linefeed variable in the file.


where "type" gets set like:


1 = LF
2 = CR
3 = CRLF

or as appropriate.

I think this will be a great feature.

Also, your Readme.html file... says something which appears improper.

It mentions that LINUX uses CR to terminate a line, but I think that is wrong. I believe MacIntosh computers and Commodore computers terminate lines with CR, while LINUX terminate with LF. Microsoft (Bill Gates) patented the CRLF so you are correct in regards to that.

I do not have time to research the patents. But when operating systems were getting developed, Apple or Commodore patented the CR and sold rights to someone else, Microsoft patented CRLF and possibly sold rights to use it, and IBM patented the CR and LF for their typewriters originally, because some typewriters that came out did utilize the character sets that IBM patented... other companies patented their own typewriters that did not use the balls, but used wheels, then some companies patented typewriters that used ink (IBM)... and so on.

IBM provides some information about typewriter history of patents.

That's enough of that. Hope you find it interesting.

Jim Carlock

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