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> Xmail + Dovecot Take 2, another way to setup XMail with dovecot.
Posted: Jan 18 2008, 03:10 PM
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Old method: Xmail + su (as dovecot) + Acls.
Issues: when new users where created xmail still set there MailBox permissions at root.root rw-------. This meant that some one or thing would need to reset/fix the permissions after every mailbox create. Or that new user couldn't create new Mailbox "Folders".

New way:

#1 chown dovecot.dovecot /var/MailRoot -R
#2 chmod 6550 /var/MailRoot/bin/XMail
#3 exit you XMail startup script / command line to port the smtp/pop/finger ports to something higher then 1000.

-Sp 20025 -Pp 20110

this next step is for people with 1.24+
#4 Change then pid dir to your MailRoot ( in your XMail startup script / command line)

       export XMAIL_PID_DIR

#5 exit the Mail startup script / command line PID file wait code.

Find **ALL**

Chnage TO:

This next step is for people with 1.24-
#4 chmod 770 /var/run
#5 chown root.dovcote /var/run

This solution works just like the "su" only it forces/sets more normal user created permissions on new folders and files.

-- Chris L. Franklin --

All my scripts are written for linux servers.
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Posted: Jan 21 2008, 10:06 AM
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No - I'm not an answering script ...
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