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2019-09-20 - hschneider, Admin

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> Most wanted Tool ?, Vote now!
Which XMail tool are you missing most ?
A better remote administration [ 65 ]  [26.10%]
A better installation procedure [ 23 ]  [9.24%]
System diagnosis and repair utility [ 33 ]  [13.25%]
Simple mailserver and domain backup [ 24 ]  [9.64%]
Bayesian spam filter [ 37 ]  [14.86%]
Script generator for non-programmers [ 24 ]  [9.64%]
Logfile based statistic tool [ 43 ]  [17.27%]
Total Votes: 249
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Posted on Sep 19 2010, 04:02 PM
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The most wanted tool... The server ran very very well for over a year. A month ago I tried to upgrade the server to ALLOW people to log into it. It accepted email very very well with no problems, but I wanted to provide a way to allow me to log in from another IP address, so I changed some settings to allow someone else to try logging in (they live in another country).

Now I can not even start the server. It's been over a month now and I do not know what settings I changed.

I need to get the source code and start re-reading the source again. I believe I have the source code somewhere, because I started doing this one time in the past a while ago.

So, something better... better analysis and reports (logs to files) to identify problems.

Jim Carlock

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Posted on May 17 2014, 08:36 PM
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I know... Anonymous voting, but IMAP would be nice. Simple install process without manually editing the registry would be nice. I think a GUI is a must by now. I've had to make my own for my own needs but sometimes I need to add something I haven't setup in my GUI

I've decided to use gmail to pull in my Xmail accounts. This is dope except gmail doesn't automatically check for new messages every X minutes--it's just random, but you can manually check for new messages.
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